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   A Chance to Help Secure Our Future
     For the last 17 years we have been working at the Basin. From those very early days tackling the 100 years of neglect to more recent times where the aqueduct repairs are bringing the past back to life.
    Over the years we have fought many battles for our survival, and we are now on the verge of obtaining security with the prospect of a 20 year lease.
       The yearly rent is £1, but we will be required to pay all legal costs, estmated £7,200 .
       We will also need to employ the services of a solicitor.  How much this will cost can only be guessed at, but we know that the minimum will be around £1200, but it will increase if correspondence between them and the land agents’ representatives takes place. 
      Once the lease is signed we will have access to a substantial donation which will allow us to complete our prime objective:  The renovation of the aqueduct.
    Therefore, if anyone would like to contribute to our ‘Lease Fund’ we would be most grateful.
Donations can be made by Bank Transfer
Latton Basin Restoration
or send cheque made out to
Latton Basin Restoration
8, Raymond Road

Our First Workparty - December 2005