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Thames Aqueduct
The navigation of these first few miles of the Thames was long ago considered to be so irretrievably a thing of the past, that it was permitted the constructors of the North Wilts Canal, in crossing the stream, one mile above Cricklade, to build a brick bridge or aqueduct so low-pitched across it that the crown of the arch scarcely appears above water, and effectually stops any attempt to get even a canoe through.  
Thames Valley Villages1910
Thames aqueduct 1897

Regulating Lock

"A sketch of the Regulating Lock intended to be placed at the point where

the Severn Junction Canal will unite with the Wilts and Berks."


"When the water is highest in the Severn Junction Canal the gates pointing towards that Canal will be shut and when the water is higher in the Wilts and Berks than the Severn  Junction Canal the gates pointing towards the Wilts and Berks will be shut - in both cases this regulating lock will act as a common lock."

(Probably not built as Whitworth planned - only excavation will show. dgs.)